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Online App Generation Platform

Generate an App
for your blog

Appgenz is an Online App Generator which you can generate a professional Android app for your blog's or website's RSS Feed.There's no programming knowledge required, only take few minutes to build your first app.

You have chance to sell app on Google Play and other Android Markets. Earn Ad money with embedded Ad or get thousand of installations increase traffic of your website.


Generate your App

Easy to create the App

It’s very easy to generate the app, only thing needs to do is submit the RSS feed to Appgenz. You can customize the user interfaces according to your choice.



Promote your app for All

Appgenz allows the app creators to publish their app on Appgenz store space. It’s an advantage to all for publishing the app to the world.



Earn from Appgenz

We allow the app owners to earn from placing ads on their apps.


No Coding

No programming knowledge required

Do not need to have an any programming language, even HTML.To generate an Android app with Appgenz only have to do is just submit the RSS feed to Appgenz.


Customize your app

Your design

Appgenz provides awesome layouts & templates. You can choose the colors for each & every single component of your app.


Language Support

Support any language

Appgenz has ability to script rendering so that even the users with Android devices that do not support Sinhala or Tamil will be able to read your posts without any troubles.

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